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Blocking streak.com's email tracking with Chrome and AdBlock Plus.

Streak.com has recently opened email tracking up to the masses, and whilst this is nothing new (newsletters and companies often do this) it got me wondering if I actually want people knowing when I've opened their email. This is like when Facebook added the dreaded "Seen at" status when you read a message - meaning you can no longer open a message and pretend like you've been too busy to check Facebook within the past hour.

The first thing that came to mind was to create an extension to block their tracking image, however AdBlock Plus already does blocking efficiently. So, how do we block streak.com's email tracking? Simple, add a customer filter with the domain mailfoogae.appspot.com.

Do this under "Add your own filters" in the AdBlock Plus options: https://adblockplus.org/en/images/gettingstartedfiltersaddcr3.png?a=show. This domain is streak.com's appspot domain - you can even visit their website through it (which won't work correctly if you add the filter).

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